Alex Goose

With 2023 we are welcoming in a new logo for our brand and new labels for the Mendocino Ridge Pinot Noir, Oregon Pinot Noir and exciting BRAND NEW wines coming out later this year. 

What inspired this look for Las Jaras and what was your process for coming up with all the elements of the new label?

The logo was inspired by Art Director and designer Herb Lubalin. He was very prolific and influential in advertising throughout the 50’s going into the late 70’s. When I discovered his work, I realized Typography could be just as expressive as an image or a song. His lettering and typography had a profound impact on me. 

How did your collaboration with Las Jaras Wines originate?

Eric asked if I’d be interested in designing a label. The idea of it sounded fun, as I hadn’t designed anything in a very long time. I love that Las Jaras collaborates with different artists on each of the labels. 

You created a playlist to commemorate the new label release – tell us about it. 

I put together a mix of songs, both new and old that all feel timeless. I also included a few that I recently producedThe old ones feel like they could’ve inspired the new ones in a way. Whether it be the textures, feel or groove. 

Music can really set the mood. Our wine has the same effect -- with the two paired, is it quite possibly the perfect transcendent experience?

Absolutely. Both of are essential but even better together. There is nothing better than drinking a wine that’s perfectly singing while the perfect song plays. For me, it’d be a Rinaldi Barolo paired with an old Alessandro Alessandroni’s Camille 2000 score, a Munigier Musigny while listening to Serge Gainsbourg’s “Historie de Melody Nelson” album or a Lafon Montrachet paired with Miles Davis’s “Get Up With It” album. 

You like culinary adventures, like joining Eric on that 24 hours in Portland trip, have you discovered a favorite food pairing with a particular Las Jaras wine that you could share with the people?

The Pinot paired with pizza always hits hard. The Chenin and sushi is also a great match. The Sparkling with fried chicken…always!

What are you excited about right now and what’s next for you?

I’m excited about many things. All the brilliant music artists I am working with and projects I’m producing, my baby nephew, learning new things to cook, more food+wine adventures with PWP and The Four Horsehairmen, travelling more this year…oh and an upcoming trip to Berns steakhouse for 2 days of wine and steak pairing madness!

Can you tell us some wines that are in your cellar and what wines are chilling in your fridge right now?

Well, it’s sort of a mixed bag. Ultimately it’s a balance of wines I’d like to put down for awhile, and also wines I’d love to drink in the immediate future. I always like to keep a healthy amount of Raveneau in the cellar, because it’s my favorite and was the gateway that made me fall in love with wine (Thanks Egon and Steve!) I’ve been buying more and more Riesling over the last few years too (Thanks Robert aka Soilpimp!) Keller, Stein, Egon Mueller, etc. I’ve been really interested in trying a lot of new things lately so I’m in a bit of an exploratory phase. There are so many new wines popping up that are very exciting. I’ve recently become obsessed with the wines of Lamy and Lafon. 


Photography by Danny Owens

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