Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my wine?

A: Please refer to our Shipping Information page for details on shipping timelines

Q: My shipment was returned to you. What should I do?

A: Shipments are typically returned to us when the carrier has made three failed delivery attempts. Contact us and we are happy to re-ship your order to you. Please note that when a shipment is returned to us, we are charged an additional carrier fee. This combined with reprocessing your order means we must charge you a $20 re-ship/re-route + a new shipping charge. Please review our Shipping Information page for more details.

Q: My tracking details indicate that my shipment was damaged in transit or my shipment arrived with broken bottles. What should I do?

A: We make an effort to ensure that your order arrives to you intact but sometimes, things happen in transit. While this can be frustrating, please know that we are here to help! If you discover damage or defects after delivery, contact us ASAP so that we can work to resolve the issue; depending on the issue, we may process a refund or a replacement. If you are able to, add photos so that we can provide clarity to our fulfillment center.

Q: Where does my wine ship from?

A: From our fulfillment center in Napa, California.

Q: Other wineries ship to my state. Why don't you? 

A: Wine is a highly controlled substance. There are different types of licenses and restrictions for different types of wineries. Las Jaras is considered a "virtual winery" which means we don't have our own dedicated winemaking facility.  This also means that although we are properly licensed to sell our wines wholesale and direct-to-consumer in the state of California, there is a limited amount of states outside CA that will allow us to sell our wines directly to consumers. We are working on expanding our production and licensing. Sign up for our mailing list to find out about updates and state availability expansion. 

Q: You are sold out of the wine I want. When will you restock it?

A: All of our wine is small production. When one of our vintages is sold out, there will not be more available until the next vintage is released the following year. Sign up for our mailing list and/or wine club to be the first notified of new releases and wine availability. 

Q: Can I find your wine in stores?

A: Yes! Our wine is in select stores and restaurants. Visit our Purveyors page for a full list. You can also check with these purveyors to find wines that are sold out on

Q: I signed up for the wine club. How do I log into my account?

A: If it's your first time accessing your member account, you'll need to create login credentials using the email address associated with your membership (rather than clicking "Forgot password"). 

You can "Create A Login" here:

Your 10% member discount will be automatically applied to orders at checkout when you are logged into your member account.

Q: Who distributes your wine in California?

A: Amy Atwood Selections

Q: Who distributes your wine in New York & New Jersey?

A: Jenny & Francois Selections

Q: When will you ship outside the U.S.?

A: It is our goal to one day distribute outside the United States but that time will likely be quite a few years off if only for the fact that we don't make that much wine! Additionally, buying directly through our website for shipment outside the US is likely not viable for the foreseeable future.

Q: Can I pick-up my wine from you?

A: We don't have that option at the moment.

Q: Do you have a tasting room I can visit?

A: We don't currently have a tasting room or way to tour our facilities. Sorry!

Q: I love your label art. Is there a way to get a print of it or something?

A: We don't have any prints or other merchandise that feature our label art at this time. Check the website at a later date or sign-up for our email list to get inventory and new stock notifications. 

Q: Is your wine vegan?

A: Yes! Our wines are made with no use of animal products and can be considered vegan although we aren't certified.