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Label Artists + Photography


Jen is our most prolific label artist! Her work adorns three of our wines. The Sparkling Wine, Trousseau Gris,  and our new Waves can coming soon.

You can read an interview we did with Jen here.

Visit her website to view more work by Jen.

Chloe Wise

Our Old Vines Carignan would be nothing without the wonderful line drawing self-portrait. This wine is called simply "Chloe" by those in the know.

You can see more work by Chloe Wise on her website. 

John Zabawa

The simplicity of the Chenin Blanc label and its elegance personifies the wine in the bottle. 

See more work from John here

Ahmanny Ahmad

Artist, chef, forager, ikebana enthusiast, writer, food activist and traveler. Read more about her at