2022 Glou Glou

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Glou Glou is the lodestar of our winemaking endeavors at Las Jaras because it represents a friendly ease. The 2022 edition of everyone’s favorite light red is juicy, delicious, and ultra-expressive. This vintage gave us a Zinfandel crop with large, juicy berries that allowed us to make a bistro-friendly red with an emphasis on freshness. Serve it slightly chilled, and you will be the hero of your next backyard barbecue; this is an incredibly unfussy, refreshing red wine and a tonic to long summer days and the heat of the grill.

Label Art by Joe Beddia

51% Zinfandel | 30% Carignan | 17% Petite Sirah | 2% Charbono

Gary Venturi Vineyard in Calpella, Glass House Vineyard in Redwood Valley, Frei Vineyard in Solono Green Valley. All of these vineyards are organically farmed.

While the main challenge with the 2021 vintage was to make a lighter wine with small berries, the 2022 vintage rewarded us with perfect big, juicy berries for Glou Glou. There was a frost event in early spring which really hammered early-budding varieties throughout California. This frost killed the new green shoots on the vines. The secondary buds turned out to be pretty fruitful and then a rain event in July made for nice big Zinfandel berries. It was a cool season until it wasn’t; temperatures hit up to 120F in September followed by two inches of rain. With rigorous sorting in the vineyard, we were able to pick nice quality fruit that led to clean and delicious wines.

Boasting a core of acid tempered by intense berry notes, Glou Glou begs to accompany your favorite tomato sauce or to complement the char of anything done on the grill. On the nose, you’ll get black plum, red licorice, and raspberry with undertones of clove and hawthorn. The palate is intense and fleshy and shows red plum, hibiscus, and pomegranate with a playful spiciness on the finish.

Serve chilled!

To make this light style red wine we used many different vinification methods including carbonic maceration, traditional skin maceration, and what we call reverse saignée. The goal is always to make a layered, cohesive blend. Many of the lots were fermented with carbonic maceration, a gentle process that helps to keep early-harvest wines from becoming too tannic. After 12-15 days, depending on the lot, we pressed the juice off its skins where they fermented natively in tank after 10ppm sulfur was added. Reverse saignée is when we whole cluster press tannic red grape varieties and then add that juice to a red wine fermentor. This is a way to increase the juice to skin ratio to make a lighter red wine. Then, to keep the wine bright and fresh, about one third of the lots were aged in barrels and rest were aged in stainless steel tanks. This wine received a small amount of sulfur and it was filtered prior to bottling.

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Produced + Bottled by Las Jaras Wines in Sebastopol, CA